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Guide on Australian Residency & Citizenship by Investment

Australia is one of the world’s developed economies that offer multiple investment opportunities to foreign nationals significantly. Therefore, if you plan to spend some money and gain citizenship in return, Australia is the right choice. You will get a chance to acquire the Australia residency by investment after meeting all the requirements. Read on to know more about the visa options to apply for in pursuit of Australian citizenship.

The Considerable Benefits

  • You can acquire an investor visa in two ways:
    • With a provisional permit, you can apply for permanent residency once you establish a business in Australia. 
    • The second option is where the state sponsors the experienced applicants who have applied for a business visa. 
  • The applicant can start a new company, manage any working business, or invest in any firm. 
  • There will be no restriction to travel in Australia.
  • The applicant can also sponsor his spouse and children and bring them to Australia. 
  • After fulfilling the residency requirement, the applicant can apply for citizenship.
  • The applicant can also seek PR via permanent visa.
  • If needed, the candidate can request a visa extension for two years. 
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The Specifications

  • The applicant has to provide his EOI for the skillselect program. 
  • The Australian state must select him for this visa.
  • He also needs an application invitation.
  • The application he is submitting must consider the following sub visa options:
    • Business Innovator 
    • Business Investor 
    • Substantial Investor 
  • The applicant’s age has to be below 50. In addition, he must develop a strong business plan or have the will to invest in any ongoing business. 
  • According to the skillselect scores, the aspirant must gain points more than 65 in all categories, including education, skill expertise, experience, and age, to name a few. 

Provisional Visa Application

The following are the options in the provisional visa programs:

  • The first option is a business innovation program that allows you to start or work in any existing business. The Australian state selects the candidates for this visa option. 
  • The second option is an investor visa, and to be eligible for this option. You require an investment of AUD 1.5 million. 
  • The third option is where foreigners invest more than AUD 5 million. And again, the state nominates these investors. 
  • The fourth option is business innovation extension, where the visa holder can request a 2-year visa extension. 

Considerable Time Requirement

After filling the EOI, the candidate needs sponsorship from the Australian government, which the state will release once they release it after the sponsorship confirmation. The total time required for this process depends on different factors. The applicant must submit the evidence to prove his investment is legal. The overall time limit is one year. 
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