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Eligibility criteria for Tourist visa of Canada:

You can apply for different types of visas according to your requirement. If you’re planning to visit Canada as a tourist you can secure a visit visa or tourist visa. The eligibility criteria for Canada tourist visa from Dubai is pretty simple. The visa application process is surely complex, but you don’t need any special kind of permissions or documents. Basic requirements for Canada visit visa are:

Authentic travel document:

the documents you submit for visa are to make sure you’re about your identity or to check that you will not turn out a threat to a country. The most important thing for Canada tourist visa is your authentic and valid travel document like passport.

Passport expiry date:

Expiry date of your passport is very influential it should be according to your stay in Canada if your passport expiry date is between your stay in Canada you should renew it before applying for visa.

Good health condition:

Your health status is also checked for visa application. Be in good shape for traveling is important because your bad health can cause disruption in flight for you and others. Permanent physical or mental disability doesn’t create any hurdle is visa process. Keep yourself healthy for health inspection.

COVID-19 inspection:

Ongoing situation of COVID-19 has caused more strictness in health inspection if you have any symptoms for corona you will be declared eligible for your upcoming trip. A COVID-19 test report is must with application.

Financial stability:

Expense list for a tour is long. Your financial ability would be check in visa application process. They will check if you have a stable job or enough savings to go through the whole trip without running out of money. The amount you need for staying in Canada and coming back to your country has to be present in your bank account. Legal bank account statement or record is necessary to show as a proof of this amount.

Leave Canada on permitted time:

In tourist visa you have limited time permission to live in the country that will be mentioned on your passport. You will receive a deporting notice if you stay after the permitted time. If you’ve traveled to any country your record will be checked that you leave the country on time. If you haven’t traveled to any country convincing immigration officer that you will come back to your country in permitted time would be enough.

Duration of tourist visa:

You will be provided only limited time to stay in Canada on tourist visa. You can stay in Canada more or less 6 months. The date of visa expiry will be added on your passport. You can live in Canada for 6 months or to the expiry date of passport. If you wanted to stay for more days you have to apply for visa extension almost before a month of your current visa expiry.Canada tourist visa from Dubai will be given to you if you meet the eligibility criteria. You can prepare for all this beforehand an immigration consultant agency would inform you about all the legal requirements.

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