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Canada Immigration Programs for Skilled Workers

Canada is a country that has been offering multiple job opportunities with a greater pay scale each year for citizens from other countries. In addition, many programs are available in the country solely designed by the government to attract highly skilled professionals who have experience in the industry. This article will discuss one of the leading immigration programs available in Canada that is the Express Entry. Get a chance to work in the country with the Canada skilled immigration

Why Express Entry?

It is a competitive immigration system that involves ranking only the suitable candidates and inviting them to fill out the vacancies available in the country. Under the option, the experienced professionals are also given a chance to become permanent resident status for five years. He can also sponsor his wife and dependent children. However, the person must follow specific criteria required by the authorities.

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Options Available Under the Program

There are three programs under the express entry option to apply for an employment opportunity under the skilled worker option to Canada. They are as follows:

Federal Skilled Trades

It is a suitable option for foreign nationals who have experience in any trade that the Canadian government requires. Along with getting a greater salary and other benefits, the opportunity also leads to acquiring a permanent residency status in the country. If the authorities find the candidate a suitable prospect, he will receive the processed application in duration, not more than six months.

Canadian Experience Class

It is an opportunity to get permanent residency status in Canada for skilled people who have experience working inside Canada. The processing time for such an option usually ranges from three to four months. In addition, the person must have a working knowledge with a Canadian company sitting in a permanent position for less than one year. 

Federal Skilled Worker

It is an opportunity available for foreign nationals looking to immigrate to Canada with the required experience working in a company outside Canadian boundaries as a permanent employee. He must also have the necessary skills, qualify in a language proficiency test with an ideal band score, and not have an age greater than the required one.

Why Choose Working in Canada?

  • The country is known for economic and political stability.
  • It is one of the safest countries globally because of its minimum crime rates and strict laws. 
  • Your children will also get access to top-notch educational facilities. 
  • It offers higher salaries for employment even to its immigrants, making it an ideal option.
  • The country has decent health care that offers free medical treatment for permanent residents. 
  • The country also allows experienced foreign workers to sponsor their child and wife’s PR status. 
  • The job position also offers multiple employment benefits, including paid holidays and maternity leaves. 

If you have experience working, get a work permit and apply for skilled worker immigration to Canada.

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